Why Should I Be PreBooking This Season?

Why Should I Be PreBooking This Season?


Have you seen the stats?!


2022 is going to make history with the number of weddings expected to happen this year. How many weddings you might ask?



"A record number of weddings — about 2.5 million — are expected in 2022, the most since 1984, according to wedding market research firm The Wedding Report. That's up from 1.9 million in 2021 and 1.3 million in 2020" ~ quote from CNBC
All signs are pointing to a bigger & busier season than ever, and while this is great news for the industry, it also means that the demand for flowers combined with current flower shortages, transportation challenges, and energy costs will require you to be well prepared with your ordering!

Here's a list of things to be aware of and ways to plan ahead to make this wedding season run as smoothly as possible!

Prebook, prebook, prebook!

Please place your orders as far in advance as possible. To ensure your best chance of getting the varieties you want, we recommend ordering 14 days in advance or more where possible. Orders are pulled in the order they are received, so the earlier you get yours in the better!


Utilize Mayesh.com & our online PreBook feature!*

Have you tried our online PreBook program yet? Depending on your branch, you can order up to a month or longer in advance anytime, anywhere at your convenience! This program will save you valuable time with pricing & pictures for hundreds of products, and your Sales Rep is attached to the entire process.



*We are continuing to roll this program out to our branches, so if PreBook is not yet available at your branch and you are interested, make sure to ask your Sales Rep about it!


Flexibility is key!

Customers continue to ask for the same varieties & colors all over the country, so please be open to substitutions - our reps will do their best to communicate new options for unavailable products


Delays are inevitable.

Because of the current transportation climate, there will most likely be unavoidable delays at one point or another, especially with most of our South American product beginning their stateside journey in Florida!


Staffing Shortages

Delivery routes may be limited due to staffing shortages at our branches!




We promise to do our best to stay transparent and communicate with you, and all we ask in return is that you do your best in being patient and understanding as we all navigate this busy wedding & event season. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Sales Rep! 


And remember... Mayesh Market is your best friend during times like these! Don't forget to utilize Mayesh.com to score some great deals this season.





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