Why We Love: Standing Orders

Standing Orders header
What are Standing Orders? 

Weekly standing orders are just like they sound! When you sign up for a Standing Order, you will automatically have an order filled every Monday for pick-up or delivery... kind of like a Wholesale Flower Subscription!


Here are a few reasons why you should hop on the train!
  • Consistent, low price negotiated with vendor by Mayesh
  • Your product will come from the same farm every week, so you can expect consistent quality order to order
  • Did we mention convenience??



Upcoming Available Standing Orders:


cymbidium standing orders

  • Cymbidiums
    • Starting weekly from November 16th, 2020 through March 29th, 2021
    • Pickup or delivery available
    • ORDER DEADLINE: November 11th, 2020



tulip standing orders

  • Tulips
    • Starting weekly from January 4th, 2021 through May 3rd, 2021
    • Pickup or delivery available
    • ORDER DEADLINE: November 30th, 2020



Please note that this is location-based and not all locations may participate. Contact your sales rep for availability & pricing information!


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