Are You in the Mother's Day Game?

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With so many changes & shifts happening throughout our industry over the past year, we were super curious to find out how many of you are offering Mother's Day flowers, especially after seeing a spike in Valentine's Day participation!


Typically, many of our Wedding & Event customers have stayed away from the big holidays like Valentine's Day & Mother's Day, but that seems to have changed, at least to some degree. At the start of quarantines & lockdowns last year, many of you had to make the decision to pivot or explore other ways to keep your businesses afloat. There has also been a huge surge in the public buying flowers for their loved ones from their local florist, so it only makes sense to be a part of that! 


Last week, we did a poll on our Story asking a few questions to find out how many of you are offering Mother's Day flowers this year, and the results were super interesting!


Mothers Day Infographic (1) 



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