MDS Workshop: Austin Venue Feature

MDS Workshop: Austin Venue Feature

Wow - I can't believe we are already halfway through with our 2019 Mayesh Design Star Workshops! It's been such a joy to watch Shean create, inspire, and interact with our customers & attendees, and if you haven't gotten to meet or learn from this gem of a human, you still have two chances to join us!


Next up - Austin, TX this coming August. And guys... the venue we landed for this workshop is pretty incredible. We're so excited to announce that we'll be taking over the absolutely GORGEOUS Barr Mansion property, who has been generous enough to collaborate with us on this event, as they, too, see the value in education & networking with fellow industry professionals.


Barr Mansion is a historical mansion in Austin located just fifteen minutes from downtown, and dates back to the early 1900's. In 1981, it began its transformation into an event space, slowly developing into the three buildings & gourmet kitchen that is is comprised of today. 

 One of my favorite parts about this venue is the fact that it is the first USDA certified organic venue in the country and a zero waste facility to boot. As stated on their website,

"97% of our waste stream is diverted from landfills, and all of our food waste is composted and used to fertilize our gardens. We source electricity from our 80 solar panels, and our irrigation is supplemented from collected rainwater from a 40,000 gallon water tank and 10,000 gallon pond. We believe farming delicious food shouldn’t take from the earth, rather it should actively preserve the planet." 

Being a part of an industry that has historically produced a lot of waste and struggles with the balance of being creative while working towards reducing our carbon footprint, it is so important to find ways to work toward creating a more environmentally conscious industry. That is one reason I'm so excited to be working with a venue who also cares about these things, and is doing everything in their power to make a positive impact on this beautiful planet.


And with that - I will get off of my soapbox and move on to what you all want to see, photos of this beautiful space! They have done a phenomenal job transforming the grounds into a dynamic venue fit to cater any type of wedding or event. And to see even more, make sure to give them a follow on Instagram!








Barr-Mansion-The Bird The Bear Photography

barr-mansion-Sarah Fulgo Photography

Barr-Mansion-Haley Ringo Photography

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 10.43.25 AM

Barr-Mansion-Haley Ringo Photography


Photography Credits:

Jodee Debes Photography

Sarah Fulgo Photography

John David Photography

Bri Costello

The Bird The Bear Photography

Haley Ringo Photography





We're so thankful to Barr Mansion for opening up their amazing venue to us, and we can't wait to get in there and create some magic with Shean Strong & all of our attendees! Click below to save your seat!







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