Baby's Breath Garlands

Baby's Breath Garlands

Introducing a fun new product you can get directly from your branch or order online! We are now offering baby's breath garlands, which come in a variety of custom colors & shades! Depending on your branch, these are offered in 5' to 10' increments.

So where did these come from? Well, our Mayesh grower liaison, Tulia Valdivieso, visited Malima Farms in Cuenca Ecuador, located several hundred miles from Quio High in the Andes. Tulia went to review the farm, to see how the gyp is cultivated, and watch the production of this new product from Malima Farms.


malima farms


Malima has created this "Gyp Garland" available in "Xcellence" which is a natural white, but can be custom tinted to your specifications, or in mixed colors and even rainbow variations. This is a great labor-saving service for your weddings & events! Check with your Mayesh sales associate for prices and availability, or order them directly online!






Malima Gypsofila Garlands4.43 AM


Malima Gypsofila Garlands4.09 AM

Malima Gypsofila Garlands4.30 AM

Malima Gypsofila Garlands4.18 AM

Malima Gypsofila Garlands3.58 AM

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