Flower 411: Anemones, Hydrangea & More


Wondering what's available in the flower world? Check out our most recent product update from our Purchasing Department!




Please note as the weather gets colder and wetter, the California field crops will slowly start to disappear.


  • Agonis very limited- going off crop
  • Amaranthus upright burgundy limited
  • Anemone- Japanese- local starting, limited quantities of white
  • Anemone- Available
  • Artichokes all colors and sizes  going off - very limited until February
  • Banksia – Orange extremely limited- no green, coccinea avail import
  • Bear Grass -Super- off crop
  • Birds- available locally
  • Blackberries-finished
  • Campanula- avail import
  • Clematis- import only  lavender, dark pink, purple
  • Cotinus- finished
  • Crocosmia pods- not available
  • Dahlias--- winter production- basic colors- limited
  • Delph Dark Blue- prices going up
  • Delph Bella/waltz White- extremely limited
  • Delph Hybrid White-extremely limited
  • Eremurus- white only-import
  • Euc parvifolia- not available
  • Fern Shoots- limited and price increase
  • Figs-finished
  • Flannel Flower- extremely limited
  • Genista- white local limited
  • Gerbera- red and white limited and pricey
  • Godetia- finished
  • Helleborus---- green only, no colors 
  • Hydrangea- nice color hydrangea starting Dec 1st
  • Hypericum- not able to fill orders for COCO Avanti, Casino and Uno
  • Iris- limited
  • Ivy tree variegated- LIMITED, green is available (had seed pods)
  • Jasmine- non flowering- very limited
  • Kangaroo paw- Dutch only
  • Kumquats- finished
  • Larkspur- White limited
  • Lavender- English- has gotten to the point in the season where it has natural browning mixed in with the open flower. Order at your own risk. NO CREDITS
  • Lilac- available import
  • Lisianthus- blush and peach are the same thing- only getting a champagne/peach. Brown is import only.
  • Lysmachia- import only
  • Nagi –off crop
  • Ninebark- Finished
  • Oriental Lily whites- limited and prices going up
  • Oriental Lily Casablanca, Crystal Blanca – Very Limited
  • Orlaya- Finished
  • Passion vine- available
  • Peony—available
  • Persimmon- available
  • Pokeweed- finished
  • Pomegranate- finished
  • Poppy pods – finished
  • Portland- berries and sticks only!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Protea Blushing Bride- Finished
  • Protea King white and pink very Limited
  • Protea pink mink limited, finishing up
  • Protea white very limited, mostly not available 
  • Ranunculus -California starting limited colors, no white and Import is starting.
  • Raspberries- finished
  • Rosehips- red only available
  • Safflower- orange available
  • Saracena (cobra lily)- not available
  • Scabiosa- white very limited locally. Burgundy is starting to get limited locally. Import has white, pink lav, black available $$$
  • Sedum all shades- finished
  • Smilax- limited
  • Snowberries- finished
  • Statice- tissue limited, sinuata available
  • Sweet peas- extremely limited locally
  • Thryptomene/ calycina---- finished for the season
  • Tulip Frilled White- not available
  • Viburnum- available Dutch
  • Waxflower continued- starting locally basics, pink, white, purple, Import are finished
  • Yarrow Yellow- Finished

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