January's Featured Mayesh Luxe Blooms

Mayesh Luxe Blooms


As a follow-up to last week's Flower 411, we're excited to share this month's Featured Mayesh Luxe Blooms!






Large Italian Hybrid Icelandic Poppies


Each bunch has a mixture of colors cream, peach, yellow & orange. They are jumbo “head sized” in comparison to their USA grown counterparts.


Mayesh Luxe Blooms Italian Icelandic Poppies

Mayesh Luxe Blooms Italian Icelandic Poppies



Japanese Long Stem Gloriosa


Larger headed than their Dutch counterpart, these bunches are beefier & more heavily bloomed.


Mayesh Luxe Blooms Japanese Gloriosa


Japanese Carno Series Ranunculus


These are the largest headed ranunculus grown in the world for cut flowers. The heads sizes are around 9cm but when fully bloomed out can be the size of your palm.

Available in White, Red, Orange, Pink & Light Pink


Mayesh Luxe Blooms Japanese Ranunculus


Jumbo Italian Anemones


Also the largest headed Anemone grown for cut flowers. Varieties unique to Italy are Misitral tigre and Mistral Rarity


Mayesh Luxe Blooms Italian Jumbo Anemones


Japanese Sweet Peas


There is no comparison to a Japanese sweet pea, the largest variety of colors grown in the world. Stem length, bloom count and fragrance are second to none.


Mayesh Luxe Blooms Japanese Sweet peas

Mayesh Luxe Blooms Japanese Sweet Peas

Mayesh Luxe Blooms Japanese Sweet Peas

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