Mayesh Design Star: Artful & Sustainable Floral Arch

Mayesh Design Star: Artful & Sustainable Floral Arch

In her second Design Star video, Sue designs a floral arch with a focus on doing more with less - and not necessarily fewer flowers, but fewer varieties and elements. This practice has helped Sue become more flexible with her designs and allows her to work with the seasons and learn to design with what is available.

The armature for this design is a repurposed bundle of smilax vine that Sue has used and reused for years, which she hung from the ceiling with twine. She then chose a limited selection of five floral elements to include in her hanging arch (listed below). 

This floating arch can be used for so many different things, from photoshoots to events to weddings - how beautiful would it be hanging above a sweetheart table?!






4" Water Tubes

20 gauge straight florist wire

 Oasis Rustic wire

Lei Needle

Hemp Thread





Hydrangea  |  15 stems

Hypericum  |  40 stems

Lisianthus  |  60 stems

Chrysanthemum  |  40 stems

Calla Lily  |  120 stems

Dried Lunaria



Host & Designer: Sue McLeary | Passionflower Sue

Videographer: Tell Studios



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