MDS x Beautiful People: Mindset & Limiting Beliefs

MDS x Beautiful People: Mindset & Limiting Beliefs

We're changing things up a bit for our final video of the year! As 2021 comes to a close - and let's be real, this year was like nothing we've ever experienced - it's the perfect time to check in with yourself and mentally prepare for the new year. Not only is Amy a talented floral designer & teacher, but she is also passionate about the mental side of being a business owner and floral designer. In her second video, Amy discusses mindset & limiting beliefs, and offers advice and tips on how to navigate the inevitable negative thoughts and self-doubt that many designers experience. 


We hope you've enjoyed meeting and learning from our six fabulous Design Stars this year, and that this video is a gentle reminder to take care of yourself and work on shifting your mindset to benefit your business going into 2022. 



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Host: Amy Balsters of The Floral Coach
Videographer: Vona B. Productions
Photographer: Nicole Clarey Photography
Amy Balsters The Floral Coach Mayesh Design Star Spiral Bouquet
And of course - don't forget to laugh or to stop & smell the roses.


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