Mayesh Design Star: Sustainable Mechanics & Flower Pillar

Mayesh Design Star: Sustainable Mechanics  & Flower Pillar

In her first Design Star video, Sue introduces the topic of Sustainable Floristry and discusses the responsibility florists have to be aware of their environmental impact and ways to reduce our footprint. We truly couldn't have asked for a better introduction because Sue so perfectly articulated our thoughts on Sustainability and aligns very closely with our philosophy. 

The goal of this year is to make this big, intimidating, somewhat "trendy" topic feel more inclusive & accessible to all florists, and give tangible approaches and ideas on how to make small changes within your business. We are well aware that being 100% sustainable is nearly impossible, but that shouldn't scare us away from trying at all. Incremental changes and an awareness of our impacts on the environment are the best way to start, and we hope to inspire florists to join the movement in any capacity!

To start us off, Sue dives right into some tangible solutions by introducing her favorite sustainable mechanics, ranging from tiny pin frogs to larger options for big arrangements. She then demonstrates designing a "Floral Pillar" using a large reusable mechanic that she had custom welded to be used over & over. 







10" Holly Chapple "Pillow"

6" Holly Chapple "Dahlia Urn"

12" Holly Chapple "Dahlia Urn"

4" Syndicate Sales Aquatube

18" Syndicate Sales Florist Netting

Oasis Rustic Wire


Extra Fine Jute Thread

Lei Needle

13" x 9” palm leaf platter

6” round palm leaf bowls

Bamboo Skewers

Bamboo Toothpicks

12-18" Tumbleweed

Floral Genius 7/8" Pin Frog

Floral Genius 2 ⅞” pin cup 

Floral Genius 4.5” round hairpin frog

Small Orion compote

Large Orion compote

Extra large flower frog Floral Fabrications “flower frog 200”





Green Hanging Amaranthus | 40 stems

Ammi Majus | 40 stems

Bells of Ireland | 10 stems

Lilac | 15 stems

Narcissus | 40 stems

Clematis | 30 stems

Large calla lily | 7 stems



Host & Designer: Sue McLeary | Passionflower Sue

Videographer: Tell Studios



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