Mayesh Design Star: Potted Cactus Garden

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In her first video, Akiko Senda of Bloom Maven is diving right into the Southwest aesthetic by sharing one of her signature designs at her shop, a Tucson Garden, or potted floral cactus garden. 

While these floral cactus gardens can definitely be used in weddings & events, they are also perfect for retail as they are long-lasting and something that your clients can keep even after the fresh flowers have died. Akiko uses a mixture of cacti & succulents to build the garden base in soil, adds white rocks to give additional support and a clean look, and finally goes in with fresh flowers to brighten up the garden. Her favorite color palette for the flowers is reminiscent of a Tucson sunset with peaches, pinks, and yellows to play off of the green and coordinate with the pink edges on some of the succulents. She uses water tubes as her water source for the blooms, which also provides a base to press down into the soil & allows the flowers to stay upright. Like any arrangement, Akiko utilizes both focal and filler flowers to create depth, and the filler flowers help cover up the water tubes.



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4" Assorted Cactus
6" Aloe Vera Plant
Kitchen tongs
Low & wide terra cotta pot
Cactus soil
Marble pebbles
MDS Bloomm Maven Cactus Garden
MDS Bloom Maven Cactus Garden3 

Host: Akiko Senda of Bloom Maven
Videography: William Olguin of Pursue Studio


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