Mayesh Design Star: Underwater Floral Garden Behind-the-Scenes

Mayesh Design Star: Underwater Floral Garden Behind-the-Scenes

Water. A finite resource not always easily accessed, but critical to life on earth and essential for flowers. Living in Florida, Ashley of Garden and Grace Floral Design and her go-to underwater photographer Kimber of Water Bear Photography, have created their own magic underwater - bringing both a creative voice and advocacy for water resources while highlighting this incredible natural element as art itself.

In this series of videos, Ashley and Kimber dive deeper into the creative process for creating their nuanced, multi-dimensional installations underwater. So many factors must be considered when creating custom designs submerged under 10 ft (or more) of water for days at a time. Safety must be the first priority, with trained safety swimmers and professional underwater divers watching every model and installation piece that gets assembled. Lighting, overall design strategies, mechanics, as well as color theory are also touched upon.

The overall aesthetic for this underwater design was “regency coral reef” and the only thing more dramatically romantic than the 19th century vibes were the luxury floral stems that accented every aspect of the design.


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