Mornings with Mayesh: Brand Strategy with Melanie Spilbeler

Mornings with Mayesh: Brand Strategy with Melanie Spilbeler

Are you a florist in need of some guidance with your brand or brand strategy? Branding is way more than just a logo as marketing is more than advertising. In this informative and interactive episode with Melanie Spilbeler of FreshPath Marketing, you will not only learn WHY a brand strategy is so important but also HOW to connect your branding to your internal and external customers. This session will teach you how to make your brand work as hard as you do! Ready? Let's go!


Below are the podcast, video replay, and show notes:








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  • Yvonne: Melanie, before we get started can you introduce yourself and share about your flower story?

  • Yvonne: Why did you decide to start FreshPath Marketing?

  • Yvonne: So today’s topic is brand strategy? How do you define brand strategy?

  • Yvonne: Why is having a brand strategy so important?

  • Melanie: What does Mayesh try to do to ensure cohesiveness and to present a strong brand strategy across multiple branches?

  • Melanie: What is your favorite brand? What do you like about this brand? 
    • One of my favorite local brands right now is Cali Coffee.

  • Yvonne: What do you think makes a successful brand?

  • Yvonne: What are some of the biggest mistakes marketers in the floral industry make about their branding?

  • Yvonne: How often should companies look to update their branding?

  • Yvonne: What are 1 or 2 things that our audience can walk away with and do today to improve their brand strategy?






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