MDS x Beautiful People: Floral Marketing

MDS x Beautiful People: Floral Marketing

In her second video, Hafsa sits down with Darya Gault & Rachel Afshari of Lemon Press Nantucket to discuss floral marketing, and how she uses flowers as a marketing strategy for companies and brands. They discuss the installation from her first video and how these types of designs are typically a collaboration between floral designer and client to ensure it will be a valuable investment for their business.


We are sure you still have more questions about floral marketing and different ways to use flowers for brands, so make sure to tune in once again to Mornings with Mayesh next week to pick Hafsa's brain and become inspired with new ways to do business. 



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Host: Hafsa Lewis of Hafsa & Co.
Venue: Lemon Press
Videographers: Tyler Iland & Dan Driscoll
Film Editing: Anna Lord
Photographer: Emily Elisabeth



MDS Hafsa & Co. Restaurant Installation-623

MDS Hafsa & Co. Restaurant Installation-641

MDS Hafsa & Co. Restaurant Installation-650

MDS Hafsa & Co. Restaurant Installation-648

MDS Hafsa & Co. Restaurant Installation-634-1




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